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Carefully planned campaigns
delivered by experts.

Search engines like Google are where customers find you when they’re actively looking for information, making SEO the perfect channel to educate, inform and convert new customers.

We develop and implement specialised search engine optimisation campaigns designed to put you in front of potential customers at crucial decision-making points.  

We’re connoisseurs of obscure niche industries and tricky technical challenges. Wherever you’re starting from, read on to find out how we can help. 

Practical steps to better SEO visibility.

Whether you’re trying to build on existing SEO traffic or break new ground, we provide friendly, down-to-earth advice and practical solutions to improve your search performance. 

Launching a new website or refreshing your existing one? We can help you avoid traffic loss and disruption with a well-planned, flawlessly executed migration strategy. 

If you’re not getting the level of SEO traffic you used to, there could be technical bottlenecks holding you back. We’ll investigate and put together a plan of action to get you back in the running. 

If you’ve never done SEO before, it can be difficult to know where to start. A short setup project can help you take advantage of best practice quick wins and put together a longer-term strategy for success. 

Your previous strategy has taken you so far, but if things start to stall, it might be time for a review. We’ll advise on what’s working, what isn’t, and what to do next. 

Targeting multiple countries for SEO is a completely different ball game to targeting just one. We’re specialists in international SEO strategy, and can help you expand your reach beyond these shores.  

Why talk to us?

Delivered by North East SEO Experts

When you work with Cameo you deal direct with the senior SEO experts who are developing and implementing your strategy, with no account managers or go-betweens.

Friendly, down to earth support

It's important that you understand the work we're doing and why. We stay away from SEO jargon and take the time to explain your campaign in everyday language.

Flexible, efficient SEO services

We're masters of prioritisation, and can help you get the most out of even the most limited budgets, shifting our approach quickly if your situation changes.

Your SEO Strategy

Every strategy we create is unique to the business we’re working with.

To get the right balance for your SEO campaign, we combine our skills across four main areas:

1. Technical Excellence

We’re some of the North East’s top technical SEO experts,  with over 20 years’ combined experience in technical SEO optimisation. Over the years we’ve handled new site launches, migrations, penalties, international expansions and major restructures for our clients.

We see our role as far more than just sharing an audit document. We work directly with you and your developers to understand the idiosyncrasies of your site, whether it’s on a well-known CMS or an aging custom platform. We know all too well that it’s not always possible to achieve technical perfection – instead, we work on identifying the most efficient fixes and workarounds to get your site into the best shape it can possibly be in.

2. Impactful Content

We don’t believe in boring industries – if what you do wasn’t important to somebody, you wouldn’t be in business! We write from a deep understanding of your audience and the problems they’re facing which drive them to you.

We’ve written for industries ranging from education, law and property through to engineering, aerospace and health and safety software and wastewater treatment, and pride ourselves on getting to grips with your brand, industry and sector to create content that’s accurate, useful and engaging.

3. Targeted PR and Marketing

Our online PR approach is designed to integrate seamlessly with your business’ broader brand, content and SEO strategies to deliver measurable benefits on multiple levels at once.

We focus on understanding your industry to identify angles and opinions that will help get your brand noticed and win high-quality coverage in the places your audience will see it.

4. Insightful Measurement

While we’re experts in the technical nitty-gritty of Google Analytics and Tag Manager, we’re just as interested in the “why” of measurement, and how to use analytics to answer questions that really mean something to your business.

We don’t really do automated reporting, because we don’t find endless sets of near-identical figures very helpful. Instead, we see reporting and analysis as a way to get to the heart of what’s really going on in your business and in your customers’ heads and keep your campaign growing over the long term. 

Our SEO Consultants

Our consultants have decades of experience in senior digital marketing roles. 

Each of our consultants has their own specialist skills, experience and preferred approach. Find out more about where we all started, and how we got here:

Charlotte McMurray

Digital Strategy | SEO | Content | Measurement & Analytics

Gemma Neesham

Technical SEO | International SEO | Project Management | Measurement & Analytics


Online PR | Marketing Strategy | Content | Communications

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