More and more talented digital marketers are choosing to go it alone.

Cameo Digital is a collective of senior digital experts who've done just that, working in partnership to do work we're really proud of.

Why Cameo is different

Cameo Digital is a collective network of freelancers, not an agency. By pooling our skills as a collective, we can deliver work we’re really proud of, at a scale that might not be possible alone, whilst still maintaining the independence, professional autonomy and quality of life that attracted us to the freelance life in the first place. We’re part professional support, part referral network, but mostly just a group of people who enjoy working together.

For our consultants, Cameo aims to address some of the real challenges of working freelance, by providing a support network of peers and colleagues who are in the same boat. It can be lonely working on your own, and being part of a collective can provide a huge boost.

Practically, Cameo also provides the means for our consultants to do better work. Our collective structure means we can work individually or as a team in any combination, which means we can join forces to take on projects that might not be possible alone, and get the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Underpinning all of that, though, is a shared appreciation of the flexibility and control we maintain by working for ourselves. Cameo Digital’s consultants are independent, and retain full control over their own clients, businesses and approach.

Join Cameo Digital

We’re always excited to meet like-minded individuals, so if you like the sound of what we’re about, we’d love to hear from you. We’re particularly interested in hearing from established freelancers and consultants with a strong track record, who’d like to discuss joining forces.

To find out more, please contact any of our consultants directly, or drop us a message via the contact details below.