Cameo operates on two simple principles

These guide every aspect of our work, from our business model to the services we offer and the clients we work with.

1/ Do good work with good people

Each of us is the average of the people we spend the most time with. At Cameo we work best with clients who share our beliefs, because that creates the conditions to do the work we're most proud of.

We believe digital marketing should reflect the way modern consumers interact with brands, and positively impact our clients and their customers alike. This means we choose our people, our projects and our partners carefully, so we can give our work our all.

2/ Live simple, stay free

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We don’t pay out for extravagant premises or flashy "office perks", because your marketing budget was not intended to fund our pool table!

Our consultants work remotely, and our business operations are as lean as we can make them. Not only does this free us from the need to pass unnecessary costs on to our clients, it enables us to invest in the things that count; quality of life, sensible workloads, and the courage of our convictions.