Digital Marketing Training with Cameo: Learn from the experts


We deliver tailored training, mentoring and support to internal marketing teams or individuals, to help your business manage its digital marketing effectively in-house.

We provide personalised digital marketing training workshops on any aspect of the services we offer, equipping your team with the knowledge and skills needed to elevate your digital presence and reach more customers.

With our bespoke digital marketing training, internal teams can upskill, develop their understanding and allow your business to self-sufficiently manage its online marketing activities.

Whether you want a course of workshops delivered to benefit your whole team or personalised one-on-one support, our consultants provide tailored training that is designed around your needs, customers, and experience.

Digital Marketing training we’ve delivered to date includes:

  • Writing for the Web – learn how to create unique, engaging, and relevant online content specific to your business and audience. From compelling blog content to persuasive product descriptions, we can provide tailor-made methods of generating ideas and creating written content that will engage your site visitors.
  • Technical SEO for Web Developers – as technical SEO experts, we can help you to ensure your site is optimised for search engines at its foundations. We debunk SEO jargon and provide a clear and straightforward guide to elevate your site performance for search engines.
  • Intro to Digital Marketing Strategy – learn how to get the most out of your digital marketing campaigns through targeted strategy. We look at audience personas, content strategy, and ideation to help you sustain a high quality digital presence managed completely in-house.
  • International Digital Marketing – equip your team with the expertise required to build a flourishing online presence across different countries and continents. From location-specific keyword targeting to content creation for different regions, we guide you through the most effective steps for reaching a truly international audience.
  • SEO Content Optimisation – ensure the content you create is leveraging results through SEO optimisation. We provide a comprehensive toolkit for optimising your existing and new content to achieve higher rankings and draw more visitors.

Looking for something else?

With expertise across a wide range of areas, including SEO, social media, PPC, technical SEO and content creation, we can deliver digital marketing training courses in any area, and create bespoke workshops, presentations or one-on-one training courses specific to your needs. And if we don’t have the exact knowledge within our team, there’s a very good chance we know someone who does.

Why train with us?


Learn from the experts

With over 20 years’ combined experience within the Cameo team, we are perfectly placed to deliver in-depth, genuinely useful training to your internal teams, helping your company to take control of its digital marketing.


Tailored Training

Whether you’re looking to skill-up on a specific topic or need a more flexible, personalised approach, we work with you to create a training programme that meets your needs and delivers the results you’re looking for.


Approachable & Accessible

We deliver training in a way that is easy to digest, explains the jargon you might encounter on the job, and works with your existing skills to instil confidence and the knowledge and skills required.

Our Approach

Having trained many marketers over the years, we know how to deliver digital marketing training that is comprehensive, informative, and memorable. Using a mix of exercises, real world examples, and appealing to a variety of learning styles, we work with you to provide training that is most beneficial to you and your business.

We ensure our digital marketing training courses are straight-talking and jargon-free, focussing on delivering a good understanding of the concepts, processes, and tools that will elevate your digital presence and reach more people, all the while instilling confidence in your team.

As experts working in the industry, we can provide up to date training based on what businesses are doing online today, working with current trends, responding to the newest updates, and using the most appropriate marketing tools and processes.

One-on-one support
from the experts

If your team is in need of more flexible support, we offer in-person mentoring and guidance to help your internal marketers develop their skills and achieve more. We’ve supported dozens of marketers from their first day on the job through to taking on senior management roles, and can work directly with individuals to help them develop skills specific to their role.

When you work with Cameo, you work directly with our expert digital marketing consultants.

Our consultants have decades of experience in senior digital marketing roles.  Each of our consultants has their own specialist skills, experience and preferred approach. Find out more about where we all started, and how we got here:

Charlotte McMurray

Digital Strategy | SEO | Content | Measurement & Analytics

Gemma Neesham

Technical SEO | International SEO | Project Management | Measurement & Analytics

Lauren Archer

Online PR | Marketing Strategy | Content | Communications

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