Digital marketing consultancy
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We're search marketing specialists, and SEO forms the basis of most of the work we do.

However, customers interact with your brand in lots of other ways, across a range of different channels. Our digital marketing support services can help you broaden your visibility and deliver a seamless brand presence.

We're a collective of digital experts based across the North East.

As a collective of independent consultants, we offer flexible, down to earth digital marketing support.

When you work with Cameo, you deal direct with the experts who are developing and implementing your strategy, with no account managers or go-betweens. We’re structured to give our consultants the time and flexibility to really get to know your business and industry, so you can rely on practical, down-to-earth support from people who “get it”.

Our core team of consultants are specialists in search marketing, content and digital strategy. With a strong network, we’re also able to bring in high quality specialist talent from a wide range of related disciplines to support where needed.

Our Digital Marketing Services:

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is at the core of our service offering, with good reason – we’re established senior SEO experts with over 20 years’ combined experience covering all aspects of SEO.

Content & Copywriting

We get to the heart of your audience’s needs to create content that makes a statement, shares an opinion or adds something genuinely new to your industry.

Digital PR & Comms

Our online PR approach is designed to integrate seamlessly with your business’ broader brand, content and SEO strategies to deliver measurable benefits on multiple levels at once.

Analytics & Measurement

We’re unashamedly excited about measurement and reporting – it’s one of the most powerful tools we have for understanding how your customers experience your brand, and where we could make improvements.

Digital Strategy Development

We love developing digital marketing strategies for niche industries and understanding exactly what messaging is most likely to resonate with our target audiences.

Paid Search & Social Media

We can help you manage your paid advertising campaigns and get better returns, whether you're running a short-term awareness campaign or longer-term lead generation.

Training & Support

We can provide personalised training workshops on just about any aspect of the services we offer, plus in-person mentoring and support to help your internal marketers achieve more.

Design and Development

Many areas of our work require design or development expertise. When this happens, we have a strong network of trusted experts to call on, integrated seamlessly into your campaign.

Who we are

Our consultants have many years’ experience working in senior digital marketing roles, whether within agencies or in-house. Over the years we’ve managed teams, built businesses, won awards and developed new approaches, honing our craft on clients large and small.


Each of our digital consultants has their own specialist skills, experience and preferred approach. Find out more about where we all started, and how we got here.

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