Case Study:
Content and Social Media Strategy
for Shirley Collier

Shirley Collier is a certified coach, mentor and consultant based in York, providing executive coaching and mentoring support to senior professionals who are navigating periods of change, business challenges, and other complex situations.

We worked with Shirley in late 2020 to deliver an all-in-one digital marketing package to set her on the path to success.

“I have really enjoyed working with you. I’ve felt supported with the tech end of things (which I knew would be stressful for me otherwise) and I’ve learnt no end so a big thank you from me!”

Shirley Collier MBE
Executive Coach, Mentor and Consultant​

Shirley had an existing website, but was in the process of planning a new one to fit with her newly refreshed branding.

At the same time, Shirley planned to overhaul her marketing approach to push her new brand and drive growth within her business. While she’d dabbled in digital marketing before, she wasn’t quite sure where to start with a more formal strategy.

Creating a self-sufficient strategy

As a small business owner, Shirley didn’t have mega-bucks to spend on her marketing, so we worked with her on a kick-start project to set her up with the resources, support and training she needed to take control of her digital presence.

From our initial discussions, it was clear that Shirley was a great copywriter who knew her audience and customers inside out. Our job was to fill in the gaps, giving her the tools to translate those skills into engaging marketing content, and attract new clients without the need for an ongoing agency retainer.

Building sustainable basics

Over the course of a six-week project, we worked closely with Shirley and the development agency working on her new website across a range of activities, including:

– Audience persona and messaging development

– Website architecture and copy development

– Technical SEO optimisation and migration consultancy

– Key phrase research and content optimisation

– Blog content strategy and research

– SEO strategy and ongoing activity recommendations.

This all-in-one package allowed us to handle the technical SEO elements that were outside Shirley’s wheelhouse, so she could play to her strengths focussing on her wider brand proposition. As well as implementing a baseline level of SEO optimisation, we also created customised training documents explaining the basics of how to maintain her site, optimise new copy, and keep tabs on performance.

While it would have been tempting to recommend a range of complex inbound marketing activities for Shirley, our focus was on creating a strategy that would be sustainable for her to manage and implement herself. So, we honed our recommendations down to the core activities we knew would be both impactful and manageable – simple best-practice SEO, supported by a strong blog content and social media strategy.

“Charlotte was really responsive – answering all my questions quickly and delivering each stage of the project as agreed in advance. As a micro business owner with several side hustles going on, that’s important to me!!

She was also flexible; she adapted herself and her language to my needs, meeting me more than half way. As a result I’m better equipped to help myself going forwards.”

Shirley Collier MBE

Ongoing support and advice

The initial project we delivered put Shirley on solid footing with SEO and content. Since then, we’ve followed up with ad-hoc consultancy to provide additional support and advice when needed, whether that’s additional support with blog content ideation, or a quick Q&A session on getting the most out of LinkedIn.

We’re really enjoying watching Shirley’s new brand flourish, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

“When you don’t know what you’re doing, you never know if you’ve done enough. With a new content matrix and marketing plan to hand, I’m now much more focussed. I’m doing less, but I know what good looks like and I know how much is enough.”

Shirley Collier MBE
Executive Coach, Mentor and Consultant

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