Why you should go to working professionals for your Digital Marketing training

Digital marketing is a multifaceted subject, and encompasses much more than just blog-writing and social media. From SEO, to paid advertising campaigns, from content marketing to measurement strategies, ensuring your business is reaching the people you want to engage means being savvy in a number of skills.

For many, hiring an outside company or consultancy to manage the business’s digital marketing activities is a viable option, and produces impactful and measurable results that boosts performance and drives conversions. However, the costs involved in bringing in a consultancy firm full-time can be impractical for smaller businesses, and that’s where investing in high quality training to upskill your in-house team is vital.

This investment is quite an important one – it’s not only an investment in your business and its future performance, but also in your people and their professional development, and with training costs being a considerable outlay, it’s essential to ensure the training you’re investing in is going to meet your needs.

Formal courses or bespoke workshops?

There are positives to both forms of training, and choosing the right one depends on your end goal. If you want to gain a good base of theoretical knowledge, a qualification to boost your CV, or a certificate to frame and hang on your wall, then it’s almost always better to go to a formally accredited educational institute.

However, for real-world, practical skills, and to boost your team’s confidence and knowledge, it’s a far better investment to get your training from professionals working in digital marketing. Here’s why.

The digital world is constantly changing

In the past few decades since the first email was sent, the digital world has become a major part of most of our lives. Whether your business trades wholly online or just dabbles in a bit of social media, it’s important to understand how the online world is shifting. That’s from knowing which social media platforms your audience are most likely to be scrolling through, to being aware of the latest google updates; small and significant changes to the online landscape can have huge effects on your business’s performance.

It’s therefore beneficial to be receiving digital marketing training from a professional whose job it is to keep up to date with trends and is working everyday within that environment. Their working knowledge within the industry is always going to be up to date and based on real world experience.

You gain useful, practical skills

While formal training of course nurtures useful and practical skills, learning with working professionals can be much more targeted. Formal courses often have a specific curriculum and marking criteria that you need to hit, which can be restrictive and even irrelevant to your business. We’re all busy people, and spending time on a course module you know you won’t be able to apply to your business can be frustrating.

With tailored digital marketing training from working professionals, you can focus solely on the skills that you know will have a direct impact on your business and elevate your digital marketing operations. Topics and workshops can be customised to fill the gaps in your team’s knowledge, and outcomes and targets can be set by you to ensure they’re relevant to your business’s goals.

Your trainer has proven expertise and a track record

When you’re investing in digital marketing training, you want to know the provider knows exactly what they’re talking about and has a proven track record. With working professionals, the person delivering the training quite often does far more in their business than running workshops. By working with digital marketing professionals, you’re more likely to be working with someone who is truly practicing what they preach, which is harder to come by when learning with formal training providers.

As the old saying goes, those who can, do. The fact that your trainer is still in business and is continually working shows that they’re doing something right.

Your trainer can teach from experience

A vital part of successful training is being able to contextualise the content of your course or workshop. This generally means explaining concepts and ideas in the frame of real world situations, so that you can see them in action and understand where mistakes and successes can be made and learned from. As a working professional, it’s highly likely that your trainer will be able to draw on experiences and real world situations where they themselves have encountered issues, made mistakes, or overcome challenges that they can use in their training.

You can learn in the context of your own business

When you want to learn practical methods and build skills for daily use in your business, the best way to learn is in the context of your own role. With bespoke digital marketing training, you can learn wholly in terms of how your team will be practically using their skills, using real clients as examples and the most common type of work you do as a basis for your learning.

While there are undeniable benefits to formal training, when you want to boost your team’s practical skills in a way that will positively impact your business, it’s best to go with a working professional to provide you with bespoke workshops, courses, and mentoring. At Cameo, we can do just that. Read about our tailored digital marketing training and get in touch to discuss your needs.

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