Why hire a freelance marketing professional?

Why fire a frelance marketing professional? - Image shows freelance person working at laptop - Cameo Digital

Ahh, marketing. It’s no longer a case of “if” you should be doing it, but crucially, “when” you get to work on your marketing. For many business owners, it’s the most important thing on the to-do list, yet it falls down in priority every month because of, well, the business of running a business.

Why fire a frelance marketing professional? - Image shows freelance person working at laptop - Cameo Digital

The reality is this: right now, you might be keeping your customers happy, receiving a trickle of leads every month or so and generally, being on top of things. But what happens when the leads stop? How do you propose a steady stream of interest if you’re not investing time and resource in your communications? Ignoring your marketing strategy starts to look less like a smart way to save money and more like a great way to lose it.

You know it needs to be done, you know you don’t have the time, so perhaps hiring a freelance marketing professional is the answer to your prayers. But why a freelancer over an in-house member of staff? Or an agency? There’s no right or wrong answer here and it completely depends on where you are in your business journey, your goals, budget and how quickly you need to make things happen.

Naturally, we’re biased, but to us, hiring a freelance marketing professional to take the reins on your marketing strategy is a sure-fire way to get into action, quick sharp. And we’ve worked both in-house and in agencies, so we like to think we know what we’re talking about here.

So let’s build the case for the freelance marketing professional, shall we?

  1. Getting a professional’s outside view on your business can be priceless when it comes to helping you reach your customers. They’ll ask questions that push you in the right direction and perhaps out of your comfort zone. When it comes to propelling things forward, you need someone who not only can do the doing but can dedicate the brainpower to thinking strategically and delivering something unique to your business. Unless you have a huge budget, neither an agency or an in-house marketer will be able to do that.
  2. Keeping things moving without stress on your part and in line with current best practice. Firstly, your marketing freelancer should be providing clear deliverables as part of their strategy, so you know what’s happening in any given week and month, as well as having the confidence that your consultant is getting things done without your stress or too much input. Naturally, they’ll need information from you here and there, but overall you should be assured by whoever you choose that they’re performing their duties to meet goals set out at the start of the partnership and in line with industry best practice. You never know, you could even learn a thing or two from them!
  3. A trusted pair of hands with multi-disciplinary experience and a proven track record. Chances are, the freelance marketing professional, copywriter or digital marketing consultant you’re looking at working with has been around the career block and has settled on going it alone for a reason. Our consultants – and those we know across the region – have all worked to a Senior level in various industries and agencies, so know their craft and their worth. The very nature of working with a freelancer means that, in theory, you can get CMO expertise at a cost and frequency that matches your budget.
  4. A perfect match for your budget and business objectives. As per the last point, the flexible nature of freelance marketing professional and other independent professionals means that both parties can get the best deal for them. This requires honesty about budget, expectations and objectives from the start, a strategy with clear deliverables and regular dialogue. You get the perk of working with an expert at a crucial stage of your business growth, whilst they get to do the kind of projects and work they enjoy – and more importantly that they’re good at!
  5. Passion for the work they do and the luxury of choosing the kind of projects they deliver specifically. Which leads me on to my penultimate point: freelancers choose the projects they work on because they can. At Cameo Digital, we don’t say yes to everything and we have a network of other professionals and agencies should a client come to us who isn’t the right fit, commercially or otherwise. Our motto is “do good work with good people” and this is the cornerstone of every project or retainer we take on.
  6. Access to more than just a service. Many consultants, like us lot at Cameo Digital, are approved providers for services like NEBSF, providing businesses with access to funding in order to finance their Marketing efforts. We can even help out with the application form.

We could go on and on about why we think freelance is the future, but we’ll save that for another post, another day. If you’d like to hear more from us about choosing the right freelancer, building a strategy or digital marketing practice, why not get in touch with us? Equally, if you’re a freelance professional looking for a friendly, expert collective to join and work on projects with, we’d love to hear from you.

As well as offering digital marketing and communications services, we also deliver workshops and training, to ensure you’re as informed as you can be!

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