A short guide to Social Media for B2B Businesses

Social Media for B2B Business - A short guide to getting it right - Cameo Digital

Ahh, marketing for B2B businesses. It’s my favourite kind of project to work on and the area I’ve built my expertise in over the past decade or so, but it’s not without it’s occasional pitfalls. B2B Marketing has a history of stuffy, “past it” approaches and a bit of a lack of strategic understanding, despite […]

Authenticity in Communications: What are you really about?

Authenticity in Communications - Uncovering what you're really about rather than staying the same old crap - Cameo Digital

I’ve been working in the Communications field since 2009 and I’ve always been interested in how we as human beings communicate in every aspect of our lives. As I’ve said in various musings in blog posts over the years, I think I have a pretty strong bullshit detector, so when it comes to integrity and […]