Two new Digital Marketing Apprentices join Cameo Digital

Meet our two new Digital Marketing Apprentices here at Cameo Digital

Digital has never been more important. For some, it’s a new area of focus to get through the current upheaval. For others, it’s an established business model which has suddenly become far more competitive and challenging. Whichever of these camps you fall into, one thing is clear: it’s time to upgrade.

At Cameo Digital, the way we work means that we’ve been shielded from a lot of the tougher challenges 2020 has brought to businesses. We already work remotely, and we’re flexible enough that we’ve been able to get through relatively unscathed. That’s a nice position to be in, but I’m mindful that we’re some of the lucky ones. LinkedIn is full of talented people working jobs which have rapidly become unsustainable, even in the digital sector.

We advertised for a Digital Marketing Apprentice back in September as our way of giving back in difficult times, aware that the people at the very start of their careers would be disproportionately hard-hit by the COVID upheaval.

While it was an idea we’d been kicking around for a while, we’d previously held back, concerned that we didn’t have the available time to devote to training an apprentice, and that the challenges of doing this remotely would be too great. In something of a silver lining turn of events, the normalisation of remote-working combined with a reduction in our client workload in 2020 has helped us address both these issues, so we decided it was time to make the leap.

We were, frankly, overwhelmed by the quality of the applicants who contacted us – people who a year ago would have been a shoe-in for a decent quality graduate position, or those who’d built successful careers in other sectors which became unviable overnight.

In the end, we’ve taken on not one apprentice but two – one graduate, and one career-shifter.

Caroline Liversidge

Caroline Liversidge has been welcomed to the Cameo Digital team following years in theatre as a director, writer and performer. It’s no secret that the Arts has been hit extremely hard by COVID-19 and is criminally underfunded, which we wish wasn’t the case (the Arts are too important to lose!), but it’s great to add Caroline to the collective.

Caroline said: “I’m really excited to get going as a digital marketing apprentice, particularly as it’s with the support and guidance of the Cameo Digital team. In these precarious times, it’s a relief and a privilege to be able to expand my skillset and learn practically on the job, especially with the huge stashes of expert knowledge that the consultants at Cameo can contribute to my training.

I’m a creative person at heart and I’m eager to see how my creativity can be adapted to the digital marketing world. I’m certain that many of the skills I’ve honed in the rehearsal room can be transferred in fun and exciting ways to my training and work with Cameo Digital.”

Cat Grimshaw joins us following an internship with one of our clients, Saddle Skedaddle, and successful completion of her degree.

Cat, who recently graduated from Northumbria University with a First-class Honours degree in Business with Entrepreneurship, spoke of her new role, saying: “

“I am absolutely delighted to be starting at Cameo Digital! Having recently graduated, I have been on the hunt for my next opportunity, and when I saw the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship I simply had to apply.

“I had met the wonderful Cameo team whilst on my marketing placement and loved working with them, and so I knew this company would be the right one for me.

“I’m ready to get stuck in on the creation of innovative solutions for our clients and love imagining new ways of doing things. I have a creative streak and I also love working with data to understand insights and improve future outcomes.

“This apprenticeship and the expertise at Cameo will help me learn how to do all of that effectively and become an excellent marketeer!”

Cat Grimshaw joins Cameo Digital as 1 of our Digital Marketing Apprentices
Cat Grimshaw

Cameo Digital founder, Charlotte McMurray, said: “I’ve always been determined to avoid “ambitious growth plans” for Cameo Digital.

Like all of our consultants, both of our apprentices are highly talented individuals who would have been out of our reach just a few short months ago – and I’m acutely aware of that. I’ll be doing everything I can, individually and on behalf of Cameo Digital as a company, to do them justice and ensure that they get the opportunities to excel that they deserve.

Even if I did feel inclined towards empire-building, tripping over ourselves in a rush of “hustle” is no way to achieve world domination. Instead, over the past four years, we’ve moved steadily and developed slowly and sustainably, and our relative stability through 2020 confirms to me that this was the right decision.”

However, the change that 2020 has forced on us means we all need to upgrade. We’ve made plans accordingly, and we’re excited to share them over the coming months. We wish the very best of luck to our two digital marketing apprentices on their journey with us and this exciting next step in their career – we can’t wait to see what you both achieve.

Stay tuned!

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