Meet Cat Grimshaw, Digital Marketing Apprentice

Cats googling Cats - meet our new digital marketing apprentice, Cat Grimshaw - Cameo Digital

Two months ago, I started my journey with Cameo Digital as a Digital Marketing Apprentice to complete a Level 3 Digital Marketing qualification and I honestly have to say I’ve loved it so far.

Starting a new job is always a nervous time, especially when embarking on a role which is entirely remote. Not just because of the pandemic and lockdown: Cameo Digital is and always has been a remote operation. As a newbie, it can mean that getting to know your colleagues is 10x harder and given that everyone at Cameo had known each other for yonks, it’s fair to say I was a little apprehensive.

However, after just 2 months of settling in, I can safely say that I needn’t have been. I couldn’t have been luckier that the team here at Cameo Digital are so friendly, welcoming and fun, and I’ve had a great time working closely with them all so far!

Cat Grimshaw at work - our new Digital Marketing Apprentice here at Cameo Digital

So – what have I actually been up to?

I’ve been busy getting stuck in with loads of projects, working hard to deliver brilliant results for our clients and learn as much as I can along the way. I was lucky enough to do a placement year in Marketing so I was familiar with the basics, but the team here have helped me start to fill in the blanks and become the best Digital Marketer I can be.

I’ve spent the past two months doing a lot of content strategy and content creation and have really enjoyed getting in deep with our clients and finding out what makes them tick. Becoming an ‘expert’ on each and every client is something I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I have, but the fun of exploring a business, finding out their quirks and how they communicate has been really enjoyable.

I love words and tend to be on the grammar police side of life, and so working on so much content creation right off the bat has been great. I’ve learnt though, that there’s a lot more thought and process that should go into content planning than one may expect. Cameo has taught me how to use a couple of really nifty tools which just make the whole process much easier, and make sure all of the content we produce has a purpose.

Generally, my time so far at Cameo has taught me to think a bit harder about the reason businesses may choose particular words and content, and also how they come across those words and content in the first place!

On that note, we’ve also had a few training sessions (if you can call them that – they are some of the most fun and also informative training sessions I think I’ve ever had). My fellow Digital Marketing Apprentice, Caroline and I have learnt the basics on how to use some essential digital marketing tools, the most recent of which was how to navigate the Google Search Console, and the brilliant Charlotte was able to make it all make sense first time round (she has a knack for divulging the exact amount of detail you need to understand, without boring you with the unnecessary bits!)

The very next day I was able to use that training to better inform the project I was working on, and that swift journey from theory to practice felt great. That’s also something I absolutely love – being just a small team we are able to do things mega-fast. If there’s something I need help with I know I can always message someone for help and receive a speedy hand from one of my colleagues to the rescue.

I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by the trust placed in me by the team with the projects I have been working on. I never in a million years would have expected some content produced by ‘little old me’ to be live on a client website within my first month or two, and yet that’s exactly what has happened. It’s made me feel like I can make a real difference in what I do, and that I actually might be good at it too.

As we go into 2021, I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to join Cameo. We’ll be sharing more on our apprenticeship journey on this very blog, so if you’re interested in learning more about the Cameo Digital approach and how we’re getting on, do stay tuned!

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