Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Update: June 2021

Checking in with Cat Grimshaw on her Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Cameo Digital

It’s hard to believe that just 7 months ago I began working in this brilliant team of marketing experts on a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. In such a small time I have learnt so much and added so many tools to my belt as a digital marketer.

So when the team asked me to share my latest update after over 6 months in the role, I was more than happy to share. If it gets more talented people taking a leap into a digital marketing apprenticeship, even better!

Here’s what I’ve been up to since joining the Cameo Digital team in November 2020.

Growth is the name of the game

Since my last update, I have continued to soak up knowledge from the experts here at Cameo Digital, with Charlotte running weekly training on top of that provided through my apprenticeship. She has let us shadow her whilst she works on more complex site audits, guided us through the process of client reporting and even let us take the reins with some strategy planning and content creation.

She’s sent us away with homework at times, with the goal being to get us to use our new found knowledge and get on with doing it ourselves. It’s this hands-on learning that’s really been building my skills, and helping me grow into my role. 

Alongside that, my fellow apprentice Caroline and I have been working to wrap our heads around the concept of coding, understanding and even writing our own code! Focusing on HTML, CSS and Java, we are using Codecademy to get us started with the basics, and a few modules in I already feel much more confident. 

We’ve recently had a week of classroom training which has helped to cement our knowledge, and we’ve been able to pass our Principles of Coding exam with flying colours.

All of this means that alongside Charlotte’s constant guidance I’m actually beginning to really understand how websites work, and how we, as digital marketers, can get stuck in and make a difference.

What have I actually been up to?

I’ve been involved in a real variety of client projects since my last update. In particular, I’ve produced a rather large piece of kick-ass downloadable content, written meta-data for an entire client website and conducted in-depth keyword research for not one but two clients. I’ve written countless brilliant blogs, thought up some genius ideas for more, and have even started finding the imagery to go alongside.

Another exciting development has been sitting in on my first client meeting, and getting to gain experience interacting with one of my biggest clients. I had done a lot of project work for them throughout the past few months, and getting to meet them gave me a really good insight into how they work and what they want from the content we produce – it’s already made my content much better! 

I am really looking forward to getting involved with more clients, and with a bit of practice, I’m sure I’ll be taking the lead in meetings in no time.

It’s not all about the work

One of the best parts of the job so far, however, has been the team. Walking into a remote role I didn’t have high expectations for making good friends with my colleagues, but boy was I wrong.

Wanting to get to know everyone a bit better, I suggested we have a monthly social where we have wine and takeaway, and just chat, laugh and play games. This went down really well, and several socials later I feel really comfortable with everyone in the team and a lot of fun has been had.

In particular, my fellow apprentice Caroline and I have begun working together all the time, and we’ve gathered a whole library of laughs, cat jokes and memories without ever having met.

It’s rather strange to me still that I haven’t met any of my colleagues in person (except Charlotte in passing over a year before I started working here!), but the good news is that this is all about to change. With restrictions continuing to ease, later this month we’ve finally been able to book a date to meet in Newcastle and I cannot wait.

Check back in on my next, and final, digital marketing apprenticeship update in around 6 months to hear all about how that goes.

All in all, I’m still absolutely loving it here, and I’m eager to see what comes next.

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