Embracing Brand Marketing as an SEO tactic

Brand Marketing as an SEO tactic by Lauren Archer - Cameo Digital

As a long-standing brand marketing professional with more years in the field than I care to acknowledge, who has also had the fortune to work with some incredibly talented digital marketers throughout my career, the link between brand and SEO strategy is and has always felt obvious to me.  As Google continues to expand its […]

How to brief a Marketing Agency or Consultant – Properly!

How to brief a marketing strategy properly - Cameo Digital

When it comes to the digital marketing brief, it’s safe to say that we’ve seen it all in our time. As ex-agency folk, we were often in receipt of detailed, prescriptive briefs and tender requests of varying quality, many of which restricted the agency’s ability to deliver a really cohesive strategy and ultimately ended in confusion […]

B2B Marketing isn’t Sh*t, You’re Just Making it Seem That Way

B2B marketing isn't shit, you're just making it seem that way - Cameo Digital

The majority of my marketing career has been spent working in B2B marketing. The “boring”, unsexy cousin of business to consumer marketing; B2B marketing is dull, stifling and restrictive. Except, as I’ve discovered over the past 12 years or so I’ve been in the field, it really isn’t.   B2B Marketing is great. It’s my favourite, […]

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Update: June 2021

Checking in with Cat Grimshaw on her Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Cameo Digital

It’s hard to believe that just 7 months ago I began working in this brilliant team of marketing experts on a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. In such a small time I have learnt so much and added so many tools to my belt as a digital marketer. So when the team asked me to share my […]

A short guide to Social Media for B2B Businesses

Social Media for B2B Business - A short guide to getting it right - Cameo Digital

Ahh, marketing for B2B businesses. It’s my favourite kind of project to work on and the area I’ve built my expertise in over the past decade or so, but it’s not without it’s occasional pitfalls. B2B Marketing has a history of stuffy, “past it” approaches and a bit of a lack of strategic understanding, despite […]

Two new Digital Marketing Apprentices join Cameo Digital

Meet our two new Digital Marketing Apprentices here at Cameo Digital

Digital has never been more important. For some, it’s a new area of focus to get through the current upheaval. For others, it’s an established business model which has suddenly become far more competitive and challenging. Whichever of these camps you fall into, one thing is clear: it’s time to upgrade. At Cameo Digital, the […]

Authenticity in Communications: What are you really about?

Authenticity in Communications - Uncovering what you're really about rather than staying the same old crap - Cameo Digital

I’ve been working in the Communications field since 2009 and I’ve always been interested in how we as human beings communicate in every aspect of our lives. As I’ve said in various musings in blog posts over the years, I think I have a pretty strong bullshit detector, so when it comes to integrity and […]

Personal PR: How to make waves on a breadcrumb budget

Personal PR - Making waves on a breadcrumb budget - Cameo Digital

Let’s face it, we’re all tightening our belts a little when it comes to general spend, thanks to you-know-what. Many people I’ve spoken to recently are keen to get their communications back on track but need twice the impact, and they need it yesterday. Of course, everyone is in the same boat, so the chance […]

Working from Home? Here are some tips from a freelancer…

working from home tips from a freelancer during covid-19 - Cameo Digital

I know for sure that I don’t need to go into the details of why so many of us are currently working from home right now. Businesses across the country have adapted to remote-working relatively quickly and as a result, so many people who are usually surrounded by others all day long might feel a […]

We’re finalists in the North East Business Awards 2020!

Cameo Digital are finalists at the North East Business Awards 2020!

Amazing news landed in our inbox this month, as we discovered that Cameo Digital – our little digital collective – has been named as one of 3 finalists in the Digital Technology Award category, in the Durham, Sunderland and South Tyneside heat at the North East Business Awards. We’re beyond chuffed! Cameo Digital launched officially […]