New Year’s Resolutions for Better Digital Content

New year's resolutions for better digital content in 2022 - Cameo Digital

With the new year comes new plans, resolutions, gym memberships, and self-improvement programmes, and the spirit of doing better and making plans for positive change can be applied to your digital content, too. While the internet is full of brilliant, insightful and original content, there are still vast swathes of pages, articles, and blog posts […]

Why you should go to working professionals for your Digital Marketing training

Digital marketing is a multifaceted subject, and encompasses much more than just blog-writing and social media. From SEO, to paid advertising campaigns, from content marketing to measurement strategies, ensuring your business is reaching the people you want to engage means being savvy in a number of skills. For many, hiring an outside company or consultancy […]

Why success in Digital Marketing Training is more than learning the facts

Cat and I have been Digital Marketing apprentices at Cameo Digital now for 10 whole months. In that time, I’ve learned a lot, written a lot, and I feel like a much better rounded marketer. I’m able now to casually whizz around Google Analytics, creating audience segments and custom reports like it was child’s play, […]

Copywriting for “tricky” or “boring” industries: A How-To

A guide to copywriting for tricky or boring industries - Cameo Digital

In my short time as a digital marketing apprentice at Cameo Digital (and even before then when I picked up the odd bit of copywriting work here and there) one thing that has become ever more apparent is that there is a whole plethora of industries and businesses that require a bit of help with […]

Why out of work actors make good marketers

Why out of work actors make good marketers - Cameo Digital

When I first started only a couple of months ago as a Digital Marketing Apprentice at Cameo Digital, after the initial joy of securing a stable income, I found myself approaching the job with some trepidation. After all, I am, at heart, a theatre maker – that is, I’ve been working professionally for the last […]