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Cameo Digital is an SEO and digital marketing consultancy based in the North East of England.

Practical steps to a better-performing website.

We know the challenges faced by marketers in small, competitive sectors. Wherever you’re starting from,  our friendly, expert consultants can help you take  practical steps towards a better-performing website, a more visible brand, and happier, more engaged customers.

We specialise in getting to grips with even the most unusual niche industries, taking the time to understand your brand, sector and customers almost as well as you do.

We work flexibly to help you get the most out of your budget, whether that’s by giving down-to-earth advice, delivering carefully-planned SEO and digital marketing campaigns, or supporting you to manage activities in-house.

North East Specialist
SEO Consultants

We love search engines, because they’re how potential customers find you when they really need your help. Good SEO puts your brand in an amazing position to advise, engage and convert people who are actively seeking your services.  

Our SEO approach combines the best of all our consultants’ skillsets. Find out more about how we deliver SEO consultancy here:

While search is our specialist subject, it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Your customers are likely to interact with your brand in lots of other ways, across a range of different channels, before they decide to purchase. 

Our supporting services can nudge them along the way, or help you to achieve objectives that SEO isn’t as well-suited for. Find out more:

A collective of digital experts

Our consultants have decades of experience in senior digital marketing roles.

Over the years we’ve managed teams, built businesses, won awards and developed new approaches, honing our craft on clients large and small in just about every industry or sector you could name.


Each of our consultants has their own specialist skills, experience and preferred approach. Find out more about where we all started, and how we got here:

Why choose Cameo?

Delivered by experts,

When you work with Cameo, you deal directly with our expert consultants - award-winners and digital leaders who, not account managers or junior delivery teams.

A conversation,
not a sales pitch.

No salespeople or account managers. Our friendly, down-to-earth consultants really "get" your business, and will guide you to the right solution for you, not us.

Amazing results,

We've generated fantastic results for tons of clients over the years. We use ethical methods and never over-promise, and if we don't think we can help, we'll explain why.

Great value,
with values.

We're not about flashy offices or Nerf guns. Instead, we keep costs low to focus on what matters: doing challenging work with great clients.

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We’re based remotely across the North East of England, delivering our services to clients locally and further afield. Ready to get started? Leave us a message or get in touch.

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