Cameo is a digital marketing collective based in the North East of England.

We're a group of highly experienced digital marketers, united by a shared passion for our industry as well as a desire to do work we're really proud of.


Marketing is a craft, not a commodity. It’s best carried out by individuals and small teams, not as a factory process. Cameo Digital aims to move away from the commoditised agency approach, and make digital marketing work well at a smaller, more personalised scale.

Work directly with the experts

Our consultants are all senior digital marketers with the experience, drive and vision to match. Work directly with them, not with junior executives or account managers.

Efficient & Cost Effective

Our focus on simplicity means we can make your marketing budget go further. We don't invest in flashy offices or complex business structures, so we can do more with less.

Flexible and adaptable

Whether you choose to work with one of our consultants or a team, our flexible structure, experience and expertise means we can adapt quickly to your requirements.

Our ethos is more than a slogan.

We base all our decisions around two core principles, which help us stay true to what we are and why we started Cameo.
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Service Areas

Our work covers three main areas

Digital Strategy

We help you separate what your business is from what it isn’t, and what it needs from what it doesn’t.

Content Strategy and Copywriting

We help you understand the elements that make your business stand out to your customers, and put them front and centre.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Modern customers find you, not the other way around. We make that easy for them with highly targeted channel strategies and implementation.

Are you a digital freelancer or consultant?

We're always keen to meet new people in our industry, whether it's to make new friends or to work together.
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